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Friday, June 24, 2011

Day at the park.

Since Rebekah and Laura were visiting their granny I decided to take Olivia out to the park. We went down the street to where the Diamond District is. It has a beautiful park surrounded by a stream( I guess that is what its called.) There are beautiful trees everywhere and a couple of playgrounds and swimming pool. As soon as we arrived Olivia loved it. She loved watching the kids play tennis and then the place was surrounded by kids. Summer Youth programs were going on. Now I don't mind them, I used to work with summer youth programs in Stockton,I had a blast and they loved me so much they hired me full time. Well that made me think of that job and the first person I had led to the Lord, his name is Dino. He was doing a work program and we became friends, he came to our church a couple of times till he moved further out. But I thought of how hard it was to witness to him. I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up. The Lord gave me an opportunity to witness and I went for it. He could tell I was nervous but listened and even teared up. He accepted the Lord and said he was so thankful that I did not chicken out and shared this news with him. I have the verse on the top of my page, Phil 4:13 because I could not have witnessed to him on my own. I had to have the Lord with me. Its so true, we cannot do anything without Him.

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