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Monday, February 4, 2013

    Well, 2013.. We have not explored Oakland as much, mostly because I do not want to be out in the cold. One reason is we have not been sick in our house for quite some time. Second I teach our kids Sunday school class and do not have a back up yet.  So I am definitely praising the lord for that.

   We did go out to the beach and it was really nice, the tide was extremely low in Alameda but beautiful and calm. The girls had a blast, my oldest even found some coral. there is something about the beach that is calm and relaxing. It never lets you down, unless its a super hot day.  It always amazes me how the Lord made so beautiful.

    Last month I came across a wonderful little store in Alameda, new and used shop for girls, women, babies. I am in love with it. I was looking for a jewelry box for my niece and I just could not find one. This was my last stop. I wish I had took a picture of it. It was handmade, wooden, with some flowers and scrolls panited on it. The cover was a screen so you can see through it. Well my niece loved it and is using it for her photos instead of a jewelry box. Anyways, the store is Lauren's Closet in Alameda.

    Well for food we came across a donut store, we take goodies to our church on Sunday's.  We usually go to La Farine in the Dimond District(they have great stuff to) we decided to take a break from that. We went to Dick's Donuts on High St. right under the 580 across from Walgreens. They were delicious.!  Next to our church a cupcake shop opened up! That takes the cake!  The owner gave the kids some mini cupcakes, chocolate, vanilla with Real strawberry frosting,  and some red velvet one. They were great also. My fave is the red velvet. My Laura loved the strawberry.   That's all for Oakland right now.  Just enjoying my homeschooling and realized I have not been taking to many pictures of the sites. Maybe tomorrow.

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