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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall, Food, and Fun

    I am so glad that summer is over and have begun with the fall season. I love driving down the various streets and seeing the different color leaves down the block. Crunching through the park, and bringing a sweater just in case it is a bit cooler out. Of course that means I need to go and look for some leggings for the girls since their legs have gotten longer this summer. There is just something about this season that is so cozy.

    I am thinking about how amazing the Lord is and how is has all these beautiful things for us to admire. All the fall food comes out in the stores, pumpkins, squash etc. the flowers are even different colors. As we walked through the park last week I snapped a bunch of pictures of roses and the girls said "mom why do you keep taking pictures of the flowers?" I said " Well, fall is coming and in about a week or two when we come back there will not be any more flowers here until next year. The flowers will bloom again and start all over again. That had me thinking about how the Lord has taken care of us and how things change in our life as we follow or not follow God's word. I keep wanting to say us Christians but I mean me , I choose daily to rejoice in the Lord or not. Homeschooling as I said in a previous post would not be my first option for my kids but I know it is the right one(now). I am still learning and trying different things and taking it day by day.  I even joined a homeschooling group and the moms have different ways of homeschooling but in the end we are all teaching are children. I am on my 3rd year and as the new homeschooling moms join in and ask questions I felt like I have some knowledge or guidance here. It makes not feel so much like a rookie. Even though I still feel I need to do better, I have been thinking back to the first year doing this and the stress and emotional days I had because I did not or would not give it to the Lord. I just wanted to dwell on the negative and ruin my day and everyone else's. I guess you can say I was throwing a tantrum.  As the season changes I am thankful and ready for each day of school.

I try to think of a verse through out the day to keep me positive or when I a frustrated a one that kept coming to mind was  :
He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end. Ecc.3:11

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