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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holidays in Oakland

    Our November started out good, we had some visitors at church that month, we even have a woman who has been faithfully coming to our church and bible study since the end of October. I was pretty thankful that the kids or I had not been sick for November and December, well Olivia got a cold but it wasn't to bad. We did not have to miss church.  I had been praying we wouldn't miss because my nephews and another little boy have been coming to church and at the moment I am the nursery worker. It has been a little challenging to teach my kids, I am already homeschooling them and now their Sunday School teacher. At the other churches we had attended I always worked in the nursery( expect V.B.S. twice) so this is something kind of new for me. Also trying to get a lesson in and some songs is new to me. Well let rephrase that, its different than doing a devotional at home. Some days it was easy and some days not, depending if any little babies came in. Something that was nice to hear the other day from my oldest daughter was, " Wow! Mom  that was a good story I think you are my favorite teacher now."
Family Photo: Robinson, Perry, and Ruiz

Young Adults from pastor Fongs Church singing for us.
    As December rolled in we lost our piano player but that was ok, my cousin Esther filled in and helped. It is weird how satan comes in and attacks by using other Christians. Praise the Lord for this trial. It made pray more for my husband, it was more toward him and it hurt to see that happen. We had our van stolen, before Thanksgiving then someone broke into the other car. Then just little things here and there. Our Christams special was great, my girls sang and I was so proud of them. They were so happy when their dad introduced them as Seaside Baptists choir. I cant wait for the next time they sing.

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