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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer in Oakland,ca

Youth conferance: Instagram
my girls
   Well summer is almost over :(  Sad because it will be back to homeschooling). Moving on..  This summer has been pretty relaxing for us.The weather here is great unlike last summer it was very hot. We have had many trips to the beach. I took the girls to  Alameda and had many walks there on the beach but everytime we went it was so cool we never stayed long. We did enjoy observing our first Sandcastle contest. The tide was so low we were able to  walk out a bit far. Not as far as some were going though.  We went to the Alameda County Fair and it was AWESOME! Definately going again. We explored all the exhibits, ate deep fried twinkies, listed to some ametuar singers, watched a clown show, and of course let the girls get on rides.  Of caourse went to the park and Lake Merritt, Maybe going to a kite festival this week.Went a memorial Day service at the Oakland cemetary. After all that I have so many pictures I do not know what to do with them.
  Something I have stumbled upon was Instagram. An app on the phone or tablet you can use to enhance your pictures. Its allows you to take a pciture and share them instatnly over the site. I think the amazing think about it is I have viewed pictures from Ireland, Spain, Greece, London, China, Kentucky, New York, Detroit, San Franscisco, San Diego, and I can go on and on. It is amazing how many people take pictures, some of just things but mostly the beauty that one can catch with their camera or phone through their own eyes.  There are many people out there enjoying the wonders of God's Creations, ocean, animals, plants, flowers, people. I have enjoyed seeing how many are sharing God's word. Some may not like it but many do.
Alameda County Fair

  Oakland..It has been a fun summer so far. I have explored many parts and know that we have much prayer and footwork to do here when it comes to our ministry. Many lost that need to be saved and that need to enjoy the beautiful things the Lord has given us. In October Seaside Baptist Church will have been here for one year. It has been exciting and challenging at the same time. Sometiems its like we are trying to break down a wall and are barely making a crack in it. Its hard work but we will do our best with the Lord's help. Excited for what the new year to come has for Seaside Baptist Church
Lake Merritt

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