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Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Sunday ?

We are six months into our new building and it has been a slow baby type of roller coaster ride. We had some momentum then we just have slowly been going around the track.
     We have had some visitors here and there and them some "family time".  I know the Lord is in this with us but I am just human.  I get my kids lessons ready and always have extra snacks or activity pages for kids. Then the time comes and it is just us. Of course I tell the kids God knows and when he is ready to give some more kids in class he will. We have two boys who come every other week.. I guess I am waiting for that family who has been looking for a church to serve in 3x on Sunday, Wednesday evening and Saturday soulwinning.  I guess it is not to be right now.
    We did grow by one this month. A family that attends had a baby and yesterday was her first sunday.!
     I did have a scare this month and had to go to the hospital. As I lay there I thought maybe this is why. Who would be at the church taking care of things right now. I am better now but alot has gone through my mind. I even was supposed to speak at a mother daughter banquet and was not able to because of the surgery.It is true everything is in God's time. I was able to go to church for Mother's day and my mom came from San Diego to help me with my kids. It all could have been for my mom. Her blood pressure has been down since she has been here with us. I guess I had to take one for the team.
   I am praying that this summer will bring some great things.We are going to have a chili sunday for Father's day. 

Ecc.3:11  He hath made everything beatutiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find the work that God maketh from the begining to the end.
Hopewell Baptist Church soulwinning with us .Jan.

Missionaries to China

Easter in our new building.

Visiting our newest member.

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