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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 4th of July

      Well for summer I thought I would be a bit more productive but that hasn't really happened. I have been trying to have some fun with the kids and their summer reading programs. Our library has had some things going on there. Of course we have our park days especially since it has been pretty nice here in Oakland.  As the summer gets closer to ending I have been trying to get ideas on my scheduling. We have our homeschooling and our church and thinking of getting my 3 yr old to do some schooling. Then I get myself frazzled and forget about it.

    The girls received some coupons for a few places around town and I cannot wait to use them but then I can.   I am excited to get them to go to the ice skating rink at I have not gone here yet but it seems fun. I have ice skated before but not the kids.  Then we have to take a trip to Oakland' s fairyland  So I will post picture of that when the time comes. I am really enjoying the programs for the kids, Buki the clown, the vivarium, and more to come. Every
time the kids say they do not want to go they end up having fun. So glad to live near the Dimond library.

We did get a beach day in, it is hard to get there when it is not to hot. WE had fun and got a little tan. We had a nice time at the 4th of July parade in Alameda, it was a bit hot but the kids loved it.


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